Fine-wire drawing lines

Fine-wire ‘made in Germany’

Greater speed. Greater precision. Henrich. Because of rapidly growing demands on technology, ever thinner and more finely drawn wire – and of course the wire-drawing machines which produce it – are becoming signifi cantly more important. For society it has become indispensable in the field of LAN and Internet cabling, for example. This is where the superfine and ultrafine-wire drawing machines produced by Henrich come into their own – not least in applications within the aircraft industry and medical technology. The absolute finest wire is nowadays also essential to the special alloys used by the software industry. The topquality machines produced by Henrich – all ‘made in Germany’ – meet these constantly rising demands.

Drawing ahead. Since 1960.

The production of fi ne wire requires machinery produced to the highest precision standards. Henrich fine-wire drawing machines meet these requirements. They are compact and robust at the same time. And as a result of their highly economical design they enjoy great popularity among customers. Their perfectly thought-through ergonomic features mean that they are easy to operate.

Unique. Reliable. Henrich. As a supplier to the wire and cable industry all our products are ‘made in Germany’. What differentiates us from other manufacturers:

  • mechanical elements which are more robust, solid, reliable and stronger in their construction
  • machines and installations with easy operation and maintenance
  • resistance to wear and tear – designed for a long product life
  • top speeds – short delivery times
  • modules which can be switched off as a block to save energy

Fine-wire drawing machines

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