Rod-breakdown drawing lines

Rod-wire drawing ‘made in Germany’

Greater speed. Greater precision. Henrich. The drawing of wire is the first stage in the process of manufacturing cables and connecting lines. Because of rapidly increasing demands on technology, the demands on the properties of wire and accordingly of wire-drawing machines are also on the increase. Ever smaller diameters, top quality and the highest level of precision are required. Wire-drawing machines by Henrich don’t only meet these demands – they exceed them. Wire drawn on Rod-breakdown drawing machines forms the basis of the production process for wire, strands or conductors of all kinds and is used, for example, in high-voltage cables, offshore installations and deep-sea cables. Thanks to its fl exibility the wire can be ideally adapted to individual customer requirements.

Drawing ahead. Since 1960.

Rod-wire drawing is the first phase of the manufacturing process for wire, strands and conductors of all types. Because of their robust design Henrich Rod-breakdown drawing machines enjoy great popularity with customers – and have done so for more than 50 years.

Unique. Reliable. Henrich. As a supplier to the wire and cable industry all our products are ‘made in Germany’. What differentiates us from other manufacturers:

  • mechanical elements which are more robust, solid, reliable and stronger in their construction
  • machines and installations with easy operation and maintenance
  • resistance to wear and tear – designed for a long product life
  • top speeds – short delivery times
  • modules which can be switched off as a block to save energy

Rod-breakdown drawing machines

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