Intermediate-wire drawing lines

Multi-wire drawing ‘made in Germany’

Greater speed. Greater precision. Henrich. In today’s world we can no longer do without intermediate-wire drawing machines. Only a couple of decades ago nobody could have imagined the role which wire would play in the fi elds of communications and medical technology. It is now irreplaceable in data and LAN cables. Used mainly for producing telephone, network and household cables as well as special cables for medical technology and the automobile industry, the extremely robust intermediate-wire drawing machinery produced by Henrich is becoming more important all the time. In these areas the demands on fl exible cables are increasing daily. The top-quality machines manufactured by Henrich – all ‘made in Germany’ – meet these constantly rising demands.

Drawing ahead. Since 1960.

Henrich intermediate-wire machines achieve highly effi cient speeds of up to 40m/s. They can process up to 28 wires simultaneously – an absolute peak value. In addition to its wide-ranging standard programme Henrich flexibly provides special, customer-specific solutions.

Unique. Reliable. Henrich. As a supplier to the wire and cable industry all our products are ‘made in Germany’. What differentiates us from other manufacturers:

  • mechanical elements which are more robust, solid, reliable and stronger in their construction
  • machines and installations with easy operation and maintenance
  • resistance to wear and tear – designed for a long product life
  • top speeds – short delivery times
  • modules which can be switched off as a block to save energy

Intermediate-wire drawing-machines

Continuous resistance annealers

Spoolers, packers, coilers